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The Department of Planning and Environment is undertaking a strategic planning investigation of the St Leonards and Crows Nest precinct.

The Precinct is located five kilometres north-west of the Sydney CBD and includes the suburbs of St Leonards, Greenwich, Naremburn, Wollstonecraft, Crows Nest and Artarmon.


The new metro station at Crows Nest brings with it exciting opportunities to rejuvenate the area with new jobs, open space, infrastructure and homes. It is our job to ensure these opportunities are maximised to the benefit of the growing community for years to come.


The Department is consulting with Lane Cove Council, North Sydney Council, Willoughby City Council and relevant delivery agencies to ensure a coordinated approach to planning. At the same time, we have sought feedback from the community to guide a draft plan for the precinct that reflects the views and values of those who live and work in the precinct.


Consultation with all stakeholders will continue when the draft plan is released for public exhibition in the coming months.


How we're planning for St Leonards and Crows Nest


Infographic: 1 Strategic Planning - Draft vision, objectives and guiding planning principles developed in conjuction with North Sydney, Willoughby and Lane Cove CouncilsInfographic: 2 Project Establishment - DEP, Councils state agencies work in collaboration to carry out additional planning studies
Infographic: 3 Precinct Planning - DPE evaluates reports and prepares exhibition material for the precinctInfographic: 4 Exhibition - The precinct plan is exhibited and the community is encouraged to have its say on the plan
Infographic: 5 Finalisation - The final report is prepared and a recommendation is made to the Minister for Planning based on community feedbackInfographic: 6 Determination - Rezoning determination is made by the Minister

Project governance

Staff from all three councils are represented on the Project Working Group and Control Groups. The Control Group is chaired by the GSC's North District Commissioner and Councillor's are kept informed through briefings and an Advisory Committee.




A draft vision, objectives and guiding planning principles were developed in conjunction with the councils (PDF, 4.21 MB):


Read the Interim Statement

The Department has reviewed recent strategic planning work by all three councils and combined into a single comprehensive plan for the St Leonards and Crows Nest town centre. 


We have also analysed existing employment in the Precinct and a review of future employment demands and requirements, together with preliminary specialist studies, which you can see here:


The outcomes of this stage will inform Stage Two, a Land Use and Infrastructure Implementation Plan that will identify areas within the Precinct suitable for redevelopment and guide future development and infrastructure delivery over the next 20 years. A Special Infrastructure Contribution will be developed to fund new infrastructure.


We released the Interim Statement to keep the community informed and updated about our process. We did not seek formal submissions from the community at this stage because there will be an opportunity for the community to comment on a complete strategy, with draft plans and supporting technical documents in early 2018.