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Draft Gosford City Centre Development Control Plan on exhibition

The draft Gosford City Centre Development Control Plan 2018 (DCP) has been placed on public exhibition for the community to have its say.


The role of the draft DCP is to provides more detailed design objectives and development controls that:

  • Support the proposed State Environment Planning Policy (Gosford City Centre) 2018 (SEPP) that was outlined in a consultation paper exhibited earlier this year,
  • Ensure new development is consistent with the NSW Government Architect’s place-based recommendations for the draft Gosford City Centre Urban Design Implementation Framework (UDIF) that were also exhibited earlier in the year, and
  • Provide controls that promote design excellence resulting in quality urban design and optimal architectural and environmental outcomes for Gosford City Centre.

The draft DCP covers the entire city centre, with the new place-based controls that align with the Government Architect’s recommendations for the following areas:

  • City North - the expanded Gosford Hospital site west of the railway line and links to the city across the train station to Mann Street,
  • The Civic Heart - Kibble Park and surrounds, and
  • City South - The waterfront parklands, including Gosford City Park, Leagues Club Field and Central Coast Stadium.

The draft DCP also includes controls for surrounding residential and business areas and measures to cater for specific types of development in these areas.


In crafting the controls, care was taken to ensure development protects sunlight access to key public places by lifting the level of protection from the purely subjective determination that it is now, to a measurable performance standard supported by a design excellence process.


Another key objective is protecting views of the surrounding bush land and Brisbane Water, in keeping with the feedback from the community.


Your feedback can play a vital role in helping plan for the revitalisation of Gosford City Centre.


The draft DCP was originally placed on public exhibition from Thursday 16 August to Thursday 13 September 2018. The exhibition period has been extended by one week, now closing Thursday 20 September 2018 at 5pm. 


​The extension will give the community greater opportunity to have their say. 

Visit GoGosford to view the draft DCP and make a submission.

Update on the revitalisation of Gosford City Centre

Revitalisation of Gosford City Centre as the regional capital of a healthy, prosperous and connected Central Coast, is a key Ministerial priority of the Central Coast Regional Plan 2036.


Earlier this year, the Department publicly exhibited a comprehensive range of funded measures to significantly progress the revitalisation of Gosford City Centre.


The measures comprise a series of actions to drive further investment in the city to attract new residents, business, tourists and cultural activity. The development and renewal will allow Gosford City Centre to fulfil its enormous potential as the vibrant, thriving and liveable capital of the Central Coast. So far, the revitalisation package has included:

  • Up to $42 million earmarked from the Housing Acceleration Fund (HAF) to upgrade vital infrastructure in Gosford City Centre to ensure it can cater for the growing influx of businesses, residents and visitors into the city,
  • An additional $10 million committed to fund public domain upgrades in the city centre and support the Government Architect’s recommendations for a significant regional playground,
  • the revitalisation of Gosford City Centre via Setting the Scene and Early Recommendations Discussion Paper and three place-based reports:
    • Place Report 1 focuses on the recommendations to enhance Gosford’s Civic Heart – Kibble Park,
    • Place Report 2 focuses on the City North to connect the greatly expanded Gosford Hospital to the city across the rail corridor over the train station, to spread the benefits of the enormous investment and development of the health and education precinct.
    • Place Report 3 focuses on linking the city to the waterfront parklands in the City South to draw together locals, land, water, culture, history and recreation in a beautiful parkland destination.
  • A Consultation Paper Gosford City Centre Revitalisation – Proposed delivery mechanisms that outlined:
    • the proposed Gosford City Centre State Environment Planning Policy (SEPP),
    • a Special Infrastructure Contribution (SIC) to be applied to Gosford City Centre, to enable the Department to deliver ongoing regional infrastructure, civic improvements and increased connectivity, as the revitalisation of Gosford City Centre continues to roll out.

Submissions made on the exhibited revitalisation package to date have been reviewed in detail and are being taken into consideration during preparation of the final Gosford City Centre SEPP, DCP and SIC to be released in October 2018.