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About the Low Cost Loans Initiative

The Low Cost Loans Initiative (LCLI) will support local councils to borrow up to $500 million for infrastructure that enables new housing supply by halving the cost of interest on their loans. This will allow councils to bring forward delivery of planned infrastructure in new housing areas.


The LCLI is one of the measures identified to achieve the Premier’s Priority on housing affordability. Housing affordability is a key priority for the NSW Government and, in 2017, the Premier released a Housing Affordability Strategy – A Fair Go for First Home Buyers which outlined a comprehensive package of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW.


What is offered under the LCLI

The key aim of the LCLI is to enable new housing supply. The essential elements are:

  • The NSW Government will refund 50% of the costs of council’s interest payments on loans for eligible infrastructure
  • The council is responsible for repaying the loan which is funded by TCorp, or another financial institution of the council’s choice, on their standard terms and prudential requirements.


Apply for the LCLI

Page last updated: 05/10/2018